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B i o g r a p h y

Guy Ben has been a musician, and a pianist in particular,​ for practically all of his life.  From playing piano by ear at age 5, to piano lessons at 9, playing trumpet in band at age 10, to learning guitar at age 16, he's always loved music. He has a particular gift for composing spontaneously to accompany worship and the move of God's Spirit.  This is, perhaps, his most creative ability: composing a song from start to finish, usually in one take, depending on the gift within to express itself.
Having earned a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance from Northwestern State University of Louisiana-Natchitoches, he has spent his adult life working in the music field in Louisiana, Colorado, and Texas, through leading worship, teaching private music lessons in voice, guitar, and improvisational keyboard, and directing music for community theaters.  In addition, he plays piano in various restaurants and other music venues, often accompanying singers.

His recent CD project, From the Deep, is a work long overdue.  As a producer and recording engineer, he has spent the bulk of his time and energy helping others to record their music, having produced in various styles, including country, Celtic, Gospel, classical, and rock.  This project, however, is an offering of his own music, with a foundation of piano, overlayed with strings, pads, guitar, and pennywhistle.

His deepest desire is for the listener to be blessed with peace, rest, and the presence of God.

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